Enviroflex insulation solutions


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Enviroflex Pty Ltd is on because of

Home future-proofed against energy price increases and climate change impacts

Avoiding risk of heat stress or cold-related illnesses

Good insulation for well regulated room temperatures

At Enviroflex, our insulation service is designed to provide comprehensive insulation solutions for roof, wall and under-flooring to enhance your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Insulation serves as a vital shield against heat flow, ensuring your home stays cozy in winter and cool in summer. Beyond temperature control, a well-insulated home can slash energy costs by up to 50%, and it also offers acoustic comfort by effectively dampening external noise.

We supply and install thermal & acoustic insulation for existing homes and new builds. Our services are backed by years of expertise and a commitment to delivering the best results for our customers. Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, improve your home’s thermal performance, or create a more comfortable living environment, Enviroflex has you covered. Explore our insulation services to discover how we can tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

When it comes to your insulation project, choosing Enviroflex means choosing expertise, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. Our track record speaks for itself – we are Victoria’s premier retrofit insulation installation company, trusted by both homeowners and the Victorian Government for retrofit projects. Unlike many in the industry, we employ all our staff full-time, providing independent training, police and working with children checks, and Clean Energy Council accreditation. This ensures that our team is dedicated to delivering top and long lasting results. We prioritise quality over speed, ensuring  attention to detail and customer satisfaction. At Enviroflex, we are committed to providing the highest quality insulation services while prioritising the well-being of our employees and customers.

Enviroflex provides a range of insulation products ranging from thermal and acoustic Insulation batts, Blow-in insulation, Reflective foils and Wall wraps, providing R-ratings up to R 6.0. 

We use Knauf, Kingspan, Fletcher and other brands.

Enviroflex’s insulation service is engineered to offer utmost convenience to our customers.

Our process commences with a detailed quote for pre-approval and a subsequent site visit to understand your specific building requirements. We recognize that each project is unique, and we pride ourselves on our ability to turn challenging projects into reality, always ensuring safety takes precedence for both our dedicated team members and our valued clients. With the tailored plan in place, our skilled on-site team can proceed with the installation, and provide a Certificate of Compliance.

Why choose polyester?

Polyester is a good option for people with allergies as it does not shed small particles. It is the same material found in doonas and pillows. Polyester will not corrode or deteriorate over time and can be recycled at the end of its use.

Why is Earthwool “not as itchy”?

The ‘super soft’ feel of Earthwool comes from a revolutionary, patented binder made using renewable bio-based materials.

What is Earthwool?

It is a glasswool insulation product made from recycled glass. It provides thermal and acoustic properties, is non-combustible and does not contain formaldehyde.

What is cellulose insulation?

Generally made from shredded newsprint and used for ceiling insulation. It was a very common and cost effective form of insulation however, it does deteriorate over time and requires topping up after anything between 7 and 15 years.

What is the difference between foil and batts?

Foil acts as a reflective form of insulation reflecting the radiant heat away. Bulk insulation such as batts stop the transfer of heat. Read more!

How does underfloor insulation work?

It assists to keep your floor at a constant temperature. It gets its biggest workout in the winter as the warm air floats to the ceiling leaving the coolest area on the floor. It is perfect for exposed floorboards on a suspended wooden floor. It also offers a great solution of the insulation on the edge of slabs, or the underside of slabs on the ground.

What is reflective insulation?

Reflective insulation is a foil product which works by reducing the radiant heat transfer across an enclosed space. It works most effectively when placed with the shiny side facing an enclosed air space of at least 25mm. The smartest place to install reflective foil is in walls or as sarking under the roof, as it reflects radiant heat away from the interior of the building in summer. For maximum effectiveness, reflective insulation needs to remain clean and dust free, as dust build up will reduce reflectivity. Any gaps in the foil will also reduce its performance.

What access is required to install underfloor insulation?

Not all existing houses are suitable for underfloor insulation as adequate space, a minimum of 50cm, is needed for the installer to get to the area to place the product. It’s recommended that if you are considering underfloor insulation you get someone out to assess the area.