Life Panels - Steico Duo Dry - 60mm

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This product is on because of

Home future-proofed against energy price increases and climate change impacts

Low-allergy materials (avoiding dust, mould, chemicals etc.)

Avoiding risk of heat stress or cold-related illnesses

Good insulation for well regulated room temperatures

STEICOduo Dry is a premium insulation system made from natural wood fibres. They are an environmentally-friendly solution for internal and external wall systems, as well as roofs and floors.

STEICOduo Dry provides long-lasting protection during summer and winter due to its vapour permeability and high thermal insulation properties.

Can be used for both render and cladding finishes

Product features

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity [λD 0.043 W/(m*K))]
  • Vapour Permeability
  • Non-Toxic
  • Acoustic / Sound Insulation
  • European Engineered
  • Made From Recycled Waste Wood

16kg per panel



Global warming potential

47.8 kgCo2-Eq released per 1m3 of STEICO DUO DRY manufactured.

During manufacturing of STEICO DUO DRY, 6.3% of the total material came from recycled paper.

When dismantled without damage, STEICO wood fibre insulation materials may be re-used for the same application after the end of utilisation, or may be re- used in the same application spectrum in an alternative location. In so far as the wood fibre insulation materials are not contaminated, the raw material can easily be materially recycled and recovered (e.g. re-admission to the production process).

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