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Introducing the Evitat Logbook - Your pathway to Conscious Home Improvements and Renovations:

The Evitat Logbook now includes a feature to create a customized Home Energy Transition Plan. Users can map out their journey towards energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, with actionable steps and timelines for transitioning to renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency in their homes.

Property Profile
Dive deep into your home's unique sustainability features and benefits, paving the way for transformative improvements.
Clear Goals
Craft sustainability objectives that align with your renovation dreams and lifestyle.
Health, Wealth, and Planet
Learn how to renovate not just for yourself but for a regenerative, low-carbon future that benefits everyone.
Easily rank improvements with your architect, designer, or builder to achieve the best results.
Localized Recommendations
Your all-electric, climate-resilient journey just got much easier with our carefully curated, vetted recommendations for building materials and green home products!
Responsible Business Community
Join a community dedicated to excellence, ethics, and a future-friendly ethos, and explore a world of choice with access to over 200+ sustainable building materials and green home products.

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