About Takaynar

Takaynar stands at the forefront of sustainable landscape design, merging innovation with the regenerative power of nature. Our collective expertise spans across ecology, permaculture engineering and design, driving our mission to not only preserve the environment but to actively rejuvenate it. We are committed to creating landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically vibrant.

At the core of our practice is the design and implementation of food forests—self-sustaining ecosystems that provide households with a diverse and abundant bounty of foods. These living larders are not only a source of nourishment but also spaces of beauty, offering a sanctuary where communities can connect with nature with minimal maintenance. Our food forests are designed to mimic natural ecosystems, integrating edible trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals to create a layered and productive landscape.

Each Takaynar project is a testament to our belief in the symbiotic relationship between human habitats and natural ecosystems. By designing spaces that promote biodiversity, conserve water, and restore ecological balance, we contribute to the health of the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our landscapes are more than just areas of greenery; they are dynamic environments that enhance soil health, support a wide range of wildlife, and offer a peaceful retreat from the urban sprawl.

Through collaborative innovation and a deep dedication to sustainability, Takaynar is not just crafting landscapes; we are nurturing legacies of regeneration and abundance. Our work demonstrates how design can be a powerful tool for positive change, creating environments where both nature and humanity can flourish in harmony.

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Code Regeneration Pty Ltd Trading as TAKAYNAR
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Code Regeneration Pty Ltd Trading as TAKAYNAR
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