Cosiflor® Honeycomb blinds

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This product is on because of

Avoiding risk of heat stress or cold-related illnesses

Good insulation for well regulated room temperatures

Shading For Summer

Honeycomb fabric is twin-layered, providing insulation against harsh seasonal elements by creating air pockets both between the glass and the blind, and within the blind itself. Honeycomb blinds function to help keep your home cooler during the summer months and reduce heat loss during winter.

A window with normal glazing (double glazing as per DIN 4108 / EN 13363-1, U = 1.6) lets about 72% of the solar heat into the room. The Cosiflor® honeycomb blind reduces heat penetration considerably by decreasing the solar radiation entering the room.

Conversely, the blind also prevents thermal loss through the windows in winter. Cosiflor® honeycomb blinds can save up to 12% on heating energy by slowing the loss of heat through your windows and also have high sound absorbing qualities which provide acoustic softening even when the rest of a room is defined by hard surfaces.

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In summer, the closed honeycomb blind keeps the hot sun radiation out of your rooms very well. The air pockets in the honeycomb structure of the sunblind act as a kind of insulation layer – keeping your rooms pleasantly cool at all times.

In the winter, the rooms are heated up during the day by the sun’s rays. In the evening, the Cosiflor® system is closed, thus preventing the room from cooling down too quickly. The warm air is retained in your rooms for longer, thus reducing heating costs.

With standard glass windows (double glazing according to DIN 4108 / EN 13363-1 U = 1.6), approx. 72% of the sun’s radiation enters the room.

When Cosiflor® Honeycomb Blinds are put to optimum use, you can keep rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This leads to efficient energy savings.

You can use the Fc-value to decide which version will lead to the best energy savings. This value defines the factor by which the sun’s energy is reduced when passing the blind (e.g. Fc-value 0.40 means that only 40% of the sun’s energy can enter the room).