Earthworker-Reclaim Co2 Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

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This product is on because of

Renewable energy, Battery storage, Gas-free all-electric

Support local manufacturing, and new innovations

Home future-proofed against energy price increases and climate change impacts

Heatpump & Solar hot water

Heat Pumps extract renewable energy - in the form of heat from the air - to make water heating more efficient, creating an energy output 3-5 times as high as the electricity input to run it!

Our systems are simple to install and don’t require roof space, allowing you to utilise solar energy wherever you are.

The Japanese-made heat pump has been custom designed for Australian conditions, heating water up to 63°C without requiring electric backup, even at an outside temperature of -10°C.

Our premium quality stainless steel solar hot water tanks come with a 15 year warranty, and don’t require the ongoing replacement of sacrificial anodes like glass-lined tanks do.

Contact us to check the warranties available for the heat pumps and evacuated tube systems we supply.

If you use bore water, ‘hard water’ or highly mineralised water, our tank warranty may not apply. Contact us to check.

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Heat pump specifications

Heat Output At 30°C Ambient/24°C Cold Water Inlet 4.8kW
Electric Input At 30°C Ambient/24 °C Cold Water Inlet 0.86 kW
COP At 30°C Ambient/24°C Cold Water Inlet 5.6
Standby Power Consumption 0.0036 kW
Heat Pump Power Supply (Single Phase) 240V/50 Hz (Dedicated Circuit)
Controller Power Supply (Single Phase) 240V/50 Hz (GPO Plug)
Heat Pump Refrigerant Co2 (R744)
Heat Pump Hot Water Delivery Temperature 63°C
Range Of Operating Ambient Temperature -10°C to 43°C
Heat Pump Unit Weight 48 kg
Heat Pump Location Outdoor
Noise Level 37 dB
Dimension (HxWxD) 675x825x300 (mm)
Rain Resistance IP*4
Water Port Connections (Inlet / Outlet) 1/2" BSP, 12.7 mm