About Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is the trading name of Eureka’s Future Workers’ Cooperative Ltd.

We are a worker-run cooperative in Morwell, where workers have an equal share and a say in how our business operates. We are a group of people with a range of skills, experience and interests, who are passionate about local manufacturing and are committed to cooperative values, to sustainability and community benefit.

Earthworker Energy aims to provide a dignified livelihood to members by supporting, developing, and manufacturing sustainable energy technologies.

We strive to manufacture and supply top-quality and innovative products, and as a community-focused cooperative enterprise we strive to provide excellent service and follow-up support.

We are committed to finding fair and practical ways to deal with the challenges of climate change and economic justice – by providing new-energy jobs in the Latrobe Valley and making premium quality energy-saving technology and services available to households (particularly low-income households) around Australia.

Economic Democracy – a ‘solidarity economy’

Earthworker Energy is being established as a business that is wholly owned and operated by its worker members. At Earthworker Energy, the workers are the owners. Each member has equal voting rights and decisions are made democratically. We have no boss or external shareholders. This means we ensure our workplace is safe, we are invested in the quality of the goods we produce, we make decisions in the interest of our local community and profits are shared equally and locally.

Around the world, worker-cooperatives put power and resources back in the hands of ordinary people by letting them own and control their own workplaces. Co-operatives are prolific around the world. There are approximately 2.6 million co-operatives in the world with about 1 billion members.

We believe that if we are to properly care for our environment, our communities and those of future generations, then we need a proper say in the economy. Bringing democracy into the workplace is a good place to start. Our cooperative structure builds community solidarity with the ultimate goal of social justice and workers’ rights, and finding practical ways to deal with the existential challenge of climate change.

Contact details

22 Swan RdMorwell
Morwell, Victoria 3840