MIG Therm M 65 Plaster



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This product is on because of

Home future-proofed against energy price increases and climate change impacts

Low-allergy materials (avoiding dust, mould, chemicals etc.)

Breathable, mineral fire protection and lightweight plaster for interior and exterior use; actively dehumidifies walls. The high-yield, low-stress, lightweight plaster is easy to apply and has very good thermal insulation properties.

This heat-insulating and breathable lightweight plaster is highly economical, purely mineral and easy to apply. When used indoors and outdoors, it actively dehumidifies the walls. It is suitable for highly heat-insulating masonry and for energy-oriented renovation of concrete and brick walls.

Product features

  • Highly efficient
  • Purely mineral-based
  • Extremely water vapour permeable, moisture regulating
  • Especially for highly heat-insulating masonries
  • Not flammable – fire protection class A 1
  • Heat reflecting surface
Low stress insulating plaster; Breathable, thermally insulating, mineral light plaster for active dehumidification

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