Evacuated Tube Solar Hot-Water

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Support innovative, regenerative Australian manufacturers

Renewable energy, Battery storage, Gas-free all-electric

Support local manufacturing, and new innovations

Home future-proofed against energy price increases and climate change impacts

Reduced or zero energy bills with renewable energy

Heatpump & Solar hot water

Traditional roof-top arrays of highly efficient glass tubes collect heat from the sun to directly heat your water, with backup electric or gas boosting available.

These systems also feature a premium quality stainless steel tank ‘Made in Morwell’ by the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (15 year warranty) in a range of sizes.

Solar hot water offers enormous potential to reduce your energy consumption and/or help you eliminate your dependence on gas. In many situations, solar hot water is a more cost effetive option that solar PV panels. Savings will depend on your location, water usage, and type of system you install.

On average, electric hot water systems account for about 30% of total household energy usage. Installing a solar hot water system can save you up to 80% of the energy used by your existing electric hot water system.

Our solar hot water products are eligible for Federal Government STC rebates, and depending on your location and the system you’re replacing, also for some state government rebates (eg. VEECs in Victoria).

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems use solar thermal technology to heat your hot water. An array of vacuum-sealed glass tubes (ideally on your roof or somewhere else with ample sunlight) trap sunlight to heat your hot water, which is stored in our premium storage tanks until you need it.

Our evacuated tube systems can come with either gas or electric boosting to ensure you have hot water, even in winter or during periods of poor sunlight.

Our suppliers for evacuated tubes and heat pumps currently include Apricus, NeoPower and Edson.